The International Health Policy Program Foundation is a non-profit public foundation based at International Health Policy Program (IHPP), Ministry of Public Health, Thailand. It was established on April 8, 2005 to serve the following purposes:

  • To implement, support, and operate academic activities for health policy and health systems development
  • To mobilized and empower health institutes and peoples’ potentiality for health systems and policy research development
  • To strengthen domestic and international networks in health policy and systems research;
  • To promote knowledge and information on health policy and system;
  • To cooperate with other charities for public benefits
  • To carry out relevant activities above without political involvement

Our mission

  • To strengthen capacity of human resource in health policy and systems research
  • To conduct health policy and systems research in alignment with national and international issues
  • To integrate research findings into policy process to promote evidence-based policy decisions
  • To promote evidence-based policy decisions